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oh my... you don't really mean $50 CPM... do you? argh...

That tremendous correction (from $10 to $.50 or less) may have been shocking for all you.

What I see is that; even if the current rates are what could be reasonable in the industry development, even if there are much more publishers looking for buyers than marketers looking for stock impressions and even if the publisher group grows faster than the advertiser group, the huge correction shown from 1999 to 2001 SHOULD make a wave correction in the other direction, just as a normal economical reaction.

Probably we are on the middle of a W shape, as Czar pointed, or maybe we have seen the lowest level of the advertisement market. Anyways, the correction seems to be starting, and seen the importance of the downing correction, this new movement -IMHO- will be really significant in no more than 12 months.
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