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Connecting the dots...Journalists are very busy people. Using Scotts outstanding detective work we can actually read this Guestbook post from Dale Begg-Smith. The post:


Email address:

Advertising Proposal Hi,

Our popunder has been going for 4 months, now I am ready to buy all the traffic you get to your site. I am willing to pay you $1.5 cpm (per 1000 unique ip's) that you send to my popunder (a popup that loads behind your page so it doesn’t bother your users). I currently have 10 other warez/cracks/appz sites with my popunder on them for 4 months now and I have never missed a payment. They say I am the best advertiser they ever used."


The connection:

The same email address appears in our original thread at:

Which contained the following post from our member sumguy:

You can contact Dale from ADSCPM at their personal address to get more information until the mail servers are back up.

A direct link to this post at:

Happy hunting
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