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Hopesfall rules!

Now that I lost my train of thought...

You are right in that the value cannot often be measured by CTR in an ad campaign. It would be like reading a print ad and cutting it out and posting on the refrigerator. It will depend on the client though whether they need a high CTR or need name recognition. When record labels advertise with me, they are just trying to make the public aware of tour X or album Y. They don't care about clicks and 90% just send the people who do click to the labels main page, even if they sell albums direct to the public. On the other hand, a lot of times i'll get artists who are poor and want every bit of value from their ads. They measure performance not in clicks, but by sales and mp3 plays on the mp3 hosting sites. I do explain to them that a 2% CTR is good. I think they always expect 20%. I also let them know that their marketing shouldn't just end at my site. They should do what the big guys with publicists do and send out news and press releases. Make sure the site is navigatable too. This will insure they get bang for their buck.

As for what I tell them, I let them know my average CTR for targeted campaigns and I give them tips to improve them, like fast loading banners. The net is a new medium for a lot of people. For me, it hasn't been too much of a problem. The value comes in name recognition. If you advertise on TV, you don't complain to NBC that customers are coming into your store, but aren't buying anything. Same way for net ads. I can get you traffic if you follow my banner ad guidelines for file size and appeal, but the rest is up to you. The traffic I send will be these demographics which is what you are looking for.

I rarely mention the geo-targeting. I usually just automatically target it to north america as they are tours or albums being mentions in the ads and have different release dates abroad. It really doesn't take anything to do on my end to geo-target a campaign. I think I list it on my rate card as an added fee, but i'll never let it get in the way of a sale.
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