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A $5 cpm is very atainable, and I say this regardless of your target audience. Although when I stated I look for a $5 CPM, I was speaking about entire page. So if you have a $3 pop, and 2 $1.50 banners, thats $5. For my site, the adrates start at $2.50 CPM. If they want to target, another .50 cpm.

This won't apply to everyone directly, and I was going to get into it a little later when I have better #'s and a better idea how well it works, but I have some front page ads I sell for $25 CPM. I have other ads I sell for $10 CPM. You need to just stop thinking like an ad company who sells the same ad to 30,000 sites and start thinking like a site owner who sells ads for your site. I just began selling in Oct some templated flash ads. I have several designs so they don't look like a cookie cutter. But they include the artists logo, and then have various buttons on the ad for tourdates, bio, stream and audio file, etc. Record label eat this up...and yes at $10 CPM. The best part is, most people don't even click the link to leave my site, they get most the info from the banner and listen to the songs from the banner too. Although I don't see something like this working for every type of site, it shows the money is there.
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