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This topic has been debated in length previously...

IMO, there would be no reason to "fight back" unless there were several contradicting reasons. e.g. Pop-blocking software abounds, so scripts and programs arise that circumvent those. It's a case of push and shove!

The debate over whether blocking pop-ups and circumventing users settings in order to gain financially is ILLEGAL! There are several Acts that can and should be administered. Including unfair business. If you couldn't afford to buy a car, you wouldn't just go out and take money from any unsuspecting walker-by. If you can't afford to run a website, there are other ways to make profit legally and morally correct.

But, looking through the rest of the posts since I started writing, it seems I will be a little out of my element. It doesn't seem this is going to be a discussion at all, it's just a thread to share code that circumvents user settings...
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