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Originally posted by OnlineGuide
Kudos to Mr. Eastbrook. I think it would also help to mention if publishers stop running to new networks (I.E. PublisherCash, NConextMedia, ImpressionUp, Vista Interactive (and their other names), etc.) Everyone would be in much better off. If they have no publishers, then they cannot ***** anyone.. I believe several posts (including yours truly) typed this before. In my opinion, networks like these give other networks a bad name.
I'm just wondering, what do you have against Impression Up? It's not nice to just slander someone like that and not back it up with something so people know where that is coming from.

Today I actually got my July payment from them, in full and exactly how I expected. Net 30 to them means that the check is in your mailbox 30 days after the month is over, which is the way it's supposed to be. No complaints from my end from working from them.
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