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Originally posted by teckel

The hosts file no longer works for Windows XP. Also, I'm working on ways to get around that block also. One way would be to install anti ad blocking technology on the advertising sites then send back the results of the test. This method would be basically impossible to designa work-around for as you couldn't setup an exception. I'm working with a smaller advertiser now to do just that. If and doubleclick would impliment it, it would really change the advertising landscape for the better.


I will add that to if you send me the info you need on the return. Shouldn't be anything that is really hard to add. I'll just add it as an option for those who use these kinds of anti-blockers, and I could even go as far as providing links in the stats so that my users can go download it.

Since there is more than 1 of these blockers around, I would like to establish a common return so that it would work across them all. I don't want to have to use special code for every single one of those programs that get made. 1 for all of them would be best.

Send me an email, and I'll get whats needed added.

You will need to somekind of check for a no return, DNS error type thing. Something like this would fail really quick if someone puts this on there site, and an ad server goes down and everyone is blocked from the site. Many unhappy webmasters.
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