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Cool Stupid domain names... backed by Big Money.

Ok first .... I was not sure what forum to post this in.. so if you have to move it I understand.

Ok here it is... lately while watching the television, which I don't to all that often. I have noticed a lot of Big money commercials for websites with incredibly stupid names. It's like they came up with an idea... got some venture capital... picked the first web domain that was available...and blew millions on a commercial promoting it. Which is what happens quite often, I know. But can't some of these people put a little more thought and creativity into it??

Ok here are a few examples. what do you think they sell?? I saw a commercial on television the other day. They sell sporting goods. Maybe boo means sporting goods in another country I don't know. Then this is really funny. Before I came here, I checked out the website just to make sure I wasn't correct, and their website..... first off.. the first page you go to merely says... this page doesn't consist of anything another page will spawn... which it does in a popup. Then is loads slow and crashes my browser. very strange.

I saw a commercial the other day, and I thought the concept was to put a "P" before what you were looking for and a "Q" after as in I have seen the commercial quite a few times, but I can't get the site to come up... anyone else see this one??
Reminds me of those 10-10-10-2233 commercials.... which I will never use... who can remember what any of them are for?? Collect calls, long distance.. geez

Anyone else have any other wierd names connected with merchandise or services that have nothing in common. Or any commercials on television, that point to half done or poorly done websites?? I know we, or at least me have registered dumb domain names before, or come up with ideas that turned out to be flops... but lets face it, we don't have millions in venture capital behind us... so we are only out time and internic fees. But it sounds like lately... venture capitalist are just throwing money down the drain. I am seriously thinking about going after some of it myself.

There are a lot of talented people on this board, who know marketing, web design. Throw a few of us in a think tank, give us some venture capital and I know we could turn out a winner, turn billionaires after the IPO goes public.

I don't know where I am going with this rambling, I guess It just bugs me that some people think that it's just a 1 2 3 process.
Get some money, Throw up a website, Air a commercial and boom the next big IPO. We all know there is a little more to it. I can't really go after this now due to a famliy Illness, but like the article I was reading today... by Margaret Gould Stewart ( She said "Think small and you'll stay small. So do what you have to do to get the bucks." I just think that some people are thinking big... without putting thought into anything else.

So in closing, to the people on this board, think Big, but please think Smart. And consider combining your talents.

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