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Perhaps the answer is just send your canadian users to indigo.chapters, and send your U.S. traffic to powels, just the same as you would send users to either and

If you have to run two seperate affiliate programs in amazon to ensure you get your commish, might as well send Canadians to indigo to get the 15% and 60 day cookie.

Canadians account for about 15% of our users, large enough to warrant us testing indigo.

I am not sure about the customs fees. I will ask in my next email.

If others want to drop questions in this thread I will copy them all down in an email and let indigo answer them all in one shot and paste it here in the forum. ( I disclose in the email that I will paste the answers in this forum)

To give some time for q's to accumulate, I will send the email to them on Jan 2nd.

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