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Default what is the best mail forwarding service ??

what i want a company that gave me mailing address in usa or uk to send any check fro addiliate or google asdnese or such as services and can gave me a real address ..
and i can sigun up via internet and pay setup fees then no monthly costs just when send check i'll pay
and if thier is any way to the check send to me to be convert to money and send to my bank account or to add to my visa by the company we are talking about that would be great ...
so i want company to gave me mail forwarding and mailing address in usa or uk with setup fees and for every shiping but no monthly cost ... and if they can convert check to my visa or to bank account that will be great i want this because some services send money just to uk or us and for amazon books
is thier any company that make and manage account so they do all sign up and such as things and tell me about my account so they do all this is thier any thing like this ....
please gave me the best 5 for this and the one who frwarding to many countries ..and thanx alote
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