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I think it's time for me to unplug and take a long walk on the beach for a few years. I will be waiting for some inidication of eithics and fair play on the Internet.

If the goal of Lycos was to permanently tarnish their brand they have just done that. At a minamum their actions are deplorable and repugnant. Enablers for sure. What lesson do they send to young folks and or the Internet Community at large? It's OK to act like a criminal and enable a DDOS attack as long as the target is a bad person.

Did the thought ever cross their aleged brain to spend some money and SUE spammers in court rather than stoopping to their low level. Which may in fact be against the law if the host machine and target are located in a country like the USA.

If the goal of Lycos was to grab some ink with this deplorable behavior then they have done that. At the exspense of their reputation.

The person who signed off on this should be fired! And I wounder exactly how Carnegie Mellon University feels since they own the L mark!

O YEA! Might I suggest that the members of the Lycos mensa club carefully read the following article and pray to the heavens that the other side doesn't do this:

"Nothing more than the whim of a 13-year
old hacker is required to knock any user,
site, or server right off the Internet."


What exactly does this accomplish?

I'm very sorry to rant a little. It just makes me real upset when I see folks like L who in theory are supposed to set examples for others to follow, acting like this.

<wew> I feel better

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