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Originally posted by mcsebraindumps
Here's a nice little php command for those of you wanting to use it:
<?php $user_agents = array('Flashget', 'Offline', 'Teleport', 'Downloader', 'reaper', 'WebZIP', 'Website Quester',
'MSIECrawler', 'FAST-WebCrawler', 'Gulliver', 'WebCapture', 'HTTrack', 'Fetch API Request', 'NetAnts', 'SuperBot',
'WebCopier', 'Web********'); foreach ($user_agents as $usr_agt) if (preg_match("/$usr_agt/i", $HTTP_USER_AGENT)) die("Sorry,
these bots destroy our bandwidth and webserver, please refrain from using them on our site"); ?>
mcsebraindumps or anybody
Does this php script block people with Ad blockers installed from reading your pages?

Do I need to put this in the header or just below the body tag?

I would prefer to use a simple script like this added to my individual pages instead of needing to install something on my webserver.
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