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IAC Interactive is a diverse buy-out candidate. To buy IAC Interactive, i think Microsoft needs another partner since it needs to get rid of all those internet properties. No offense but thus far, Microsoft is not doing a good job of diversifying beyond its core computing & desktop product line. I don't think it wants to operate Home Shopping Network or dating site (

It only wants Askjeeves in this case. But, IAC interactive does not want to give away Askjeeves that it acquired just this past March. I think they have a longer-term plan with Askjeeves and the spinoff of its travel unit (Expedia, etc.)

So, there lies a dilema. Microsoft cannot act alone on this one. Perhaps, it can get Cendant (CD), owner of Century 21, Avis & Budget vehicle rental service and other travel websites network. Their market cap are both above IAC Interactive therefore acquisition is always a possible scenario.
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