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Default Can Microsoft catch Google and Yahoo in search?

That question is being asked a lot after the deal between Google and America Online since Google is number 1 in Internet search, Yahoo is number 2 and Microsoft is number 3. Many are wondering if Microsoft can do better than number 3, or at least a stronger number 3. If so, they are wondering what steps Microsoft would need to take in order to do so.

Some have suggested buying a search-related company. But the ones available aren't big enough to make a difference.

There are suggestions that Microsoft should concentrate more on audio and video search since some think there is a big future in those areas.

Another idea is that they should try to come up with some type of deal with Fox. But News Corp. top management has expressed an interest in buying a search engine.

Microsoft does have a relationship with Yahoo and there are some thoughts that they should try to get a stronger relationship with Yahoo.

Another thought is that it doesn't really matter that much that they are number 3 in search because they will evenutally have adCenter and adCenter will be such a big financial success that being third in Internet search will be of no significant importance.

The great minds among the Geek/Talk membership probably have thoughts about this and possibly even some suggestions for Microsoft.

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