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Default Quick Javascript menu question

I've been designing a javascript menu through Dreamweaver and I've come across an annoying problem when trying to make a double-tiered menu.

If you go to my site and roll your mouse over the link at the top called "bruce anchors" it will bring out another menu called "high tensile". When you roll over this link another menu appears but also accompanied with a small broken image. I don't want this broken image and I don't know how it go there!

I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of this through Dreamweaver but to no avail. I've also tried messing around the javascript code itself but that's hopeless (I just end up destroying the entire menu).

If anyone could either 1) tell me how to get rid of this image through Dreamweaver or 2) Get rid of this image through the javascript itself I would be eternally grateful

The link to the javacript menu is here:

Thanks in advance.
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