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I remember the good 'ol days of Delphi. Was all text based...they called it the internet, but it was basically one big BBS. I then switched to AOL and used my 5 hours for $9.95 almost daily. And there still was no internet access. Around this time, I broke down and bought a cutting edge 486 SX 33 with a 20 MB HD. I had some extra money, so I doubled the ram to 2 MB and added a dual spin CD drive...I couldn't find anything on CD...even the MS Office I bought came on 32 5.25inch disks. Several months later I had a harddrive crash...damn windows 3.1 so I bought 200 floppy disks 5.25 and backed my entire HD up on floppy. Just thinking of how long it took to install software from 32 floppies freaks me out. Where did I ever find the time?
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