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Thanks for your insight.

True CPM will be dead. Even companies like GM that you speak of that will be spending a lot of money for just BRANDING, still want quantifiable results - such as site visitors. I can guarantee not even GM would pay Yahoo $100 for CPM banners if they weren't get ANY CLICKS and bringing people to their site - even if the plan wasn't to try and sell a car from that simple visit. A "click" itself in a metric of performance, and advertisers will demand that and more. So companies like GM will at least be concerned with clicks and getting visitors.

Something else people need to understand is that the Internet is a true DIRECT MARKETING medium. TV and Radio are not. TV and radio both completely interupt the user experience - i.e. only a commercial is viewed/heard at a given time and it is not contained within content. Therefore branding is valued differently on those mediums (which has taken millions of lost VC money and many dotcom bankruptcies later to realize), and it can't be compared to Internet advertising. Internet advertising is all about ROI and RESULTS.
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