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Hi endlasuresh,

I think you misinterpreted my post rather seriously. I don't hate Indians and never suggested the same. I just pointed out that most of the organised spamming groups that had been destroying this forum for regular members were operating out of India, which is simply a fact. As soon as these groups discovered GeekVillage, the quality of posts took a sharp dive and spam rates increased dramatically.

If they were mainly Australians, mainly Canadians or mainly Chinese, I would have mentioned that too, in the interests of letting members know about the trend. In this case, they weren't. Even today, the vast majority of spam that our moderators have to deal with comes from a few large companies from India, who bill themselves as SEO organisations. They have literally destroyed the sharing, generous culture that we used to have here and have made it impossible for us to support signatures because of the high PR and 'dofollow' status that this forum has long enjoyed.

I don't blame the Indian companies for this. I don't blame individual Indians either, and I think you'll find that many of our best and longest-standing members are themselves Indian. I blame those who are paying these groups specifically to spam on their behalf, in the interests of gathering more inbound links to keep the mighty Google happy. The SEO companies that post here contribute absolutely nothing of value to the community, waste my time, waste our other moderators' time, devalue the tone of the conversation that takes place here and, as mentioned above, even take advantage of the death of one of our most beloved members by posting spammy responses in an announcement thread about his passing. If that's not a final straw, I don't know what is. :grrr

This forum is about members sharing ideas with one another. It's not about gratuitous self-promotion and link dropping. There are plenty of other places for that to take place. The value members receive by posting is increased knowledge, hints-n-tips from very successful industry players and the formation of long-term relationships and friendships. If 90% of members disappear because we don't support signatures, that's perfectly fine. Those that remain will be here for the right reasons. This is our site; not one owned by organised spamming groups who pretend to be search engine optimisers.

The fact that I still have to defend this decision years after it was made is quite bizarre.

Again, I love people of any nation and welcome them to join the community here if they're doing so out of a genuine interest to learn and to give back to fellow geeks. Members from any nation to come here just to spam (and particularly those who are paid to do so) will not be welcome. Hopefully now it's easier to understand why. If you were tasked with moderating this forum and dealing with the amount of spam that we need to tackle, you'd be pretty keen to temper the trend, too. Doubly-so when spammers try to leverage the passing of a close friend for their own commercial gain.

Best wishes,

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