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A "virtual" cornacopia of photoes. Thanks all

What I REALLY like about is the fact that in many cases they provide the web site and email address of the photographer.

Thus you can confirm "rights" and your intended use directly with the alleged owner/photographer. Plus, with more and more folks going all digital they may in fact have other images and or collections for you to use under various licensing plans.

Tip: You need to thoroughly describe the images you are asking about and verifiying rights for specific use. For example:

"The babe in the water" means absolutley zilch and is totally unsatisfactory. Rather:

Please see file name "artists_name_0001.jpg or reference the original file name and also provide a description of the image like this: Female floating in water, lower body with no head shot. Wearing a red and green bikini bottom and located at the following URL: blablabla . html

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