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My site is not huge in traffic, but the site has not even been up a year. I think one reason new sites take time to build is that folks need to know you will be around for the long haul -- so many fold so fast.

I do know that my traffic increases are due to the following:

1) Google (the engine I use for my own searches too)

2) building partnerships -- exchanging links with sites that have the same market, but not competing products

3) Networking -- not in the MLM way, but in building relationships with other folks on boards and in organizations. I learn from others in different fields & help with their problems & I find the spirit is returned too. Since so many help me with opinions etc. I find the best way to return the favor is to help others. When you share, and are open, it comes back -- either in help from another, or a lead from them.

4) I work at least 70 hours a week & spend 80-90% of that in marketing.

5) Contests work -- we offer monthly drawings for our subscirbers & have partnered for a huge one this month -- just started yesterday & it has doubled my traffic to my main site!

Overall, I say stick with it. Don't give up, or become discouraged & slack off thinking it isn't working. Internet does not mean easy, even if your friends think it is! Be creative & kind & you will find even if your numbers are not staggering, your will make a living!

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