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It's illegal for ISPs to modify copyrighted content. It's not illegal for you to modify content for your own private use.

It would be illegal for AOL to filter out banner ads from webpages that are requested by AOL subscribers. It is not illegal for AOL subscribers to install software on their own computers that would filter out banner ads for them.

The penultimate example of this would be When they started, they provided links to major media outlets like CNN and the NY Times, but they had a frame with a banner ad at the top of the webpage. They were sued by the big six media companies and TotalNEWS agreed to remove the frame. BUT, very quickly, TotalNEWS wrote a script whereas people could subscribe and create a "homepage" for themselves which consisted of links to the media outlets and with a banner ad frame at the top. This is legal. Details can be found on .

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