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How about sites that will serve ads?? Any ads?

1. Tribal Fusion is serving blank pages today.

2. Valueclick is serving most defaults - good thing I have a CJ program set as the default.

3. Adtegrity is serving CALLWAVE and CYBER REBATE- I just signed up for CALLWAVE myself and now I don't have to give them their % of sale.

4. FOCUSIN is only running about 8 different campaigns - the largest one is the Network SOlutions CPC which is getting about .0001 CTR.

5. Amazing Media is running all defaults at .50 CPM. Does anyone think they wil actually pay webmasters to show the AM banner at .50 CPM? Amazing Media: use at your own risk.

5. The Best thing running (recommended) is FASTCLICK. I hear that they are not taking new publishers though.

6. Burst and Engage won't even reply to request to be added to their network.

I say that we remove all banners, with the exception of affiliates that are pertinent to our sites.

I for one hate the fact that I served 67,000 Network solutions banners (through FOCUSIN) already this month for a grand total of $2.00. Talk about BRANDING!

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