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Unhappy Sites that make money?

I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on types of sites that could be created that would make money in the current market. It would need to be selling something, as I don't trust the current banner market.

Basically where I am comming from is that I currently have around 4 million impressions a month. From that it looks like I will make around $4-500 in banner advertising, which doesn't come close to covering the server costs. I am thinking of starting up a couple of secondary sites that would make money and then just advertise them on my network.

The first one that I will start is a web hosting company, as they seem to be keeping quite strong. I am looking for something that has a more general interest though.

In the past I have heard that ebooks sell quite good, but that it is hard to get traffic to that type of site.

Does anyone have other suggestions?
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