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Arrow The questions you should ask yourself before you make a post on your blog


Nowadays you can see everywhere that many people make thousands of dollars through blogging. This has made many others to think about starting a blog whereas 99% of them can not write a single 500 words article on their own. They know that they are not suitable for blogging but can not ignore the money that their blog can make for them because they have heard that it makes money.

So they have one options: Creating a spam blog (also known as splog) that steals other blogs contents automatically and so doesn't need any article to be written by the blog owner. They think that such a blog will make money too but it can not make a single cent because as I said it is called spam blog. No search engine will rank it and nobody will be interested in reading it because its posts are defective, non-sense and off topic.

So if you are a blogger and you can not write about the topic that your blog is about, you are wasting your time. If you can write but don't know "how" but just post something on your blog everyday to keep it updated, again you are wasting your time and you will give up soon.

I see many bloggers, just make some posts everyday to say they have updated their blog. When you read their posts, you decide not to be back to their blog again. If you don't like to be such a blogger and have such a blog, before you make a post ask yourself, "What's the point? What do I want to achieve? What reaction am I aiming for? What do I want the reader to do after reading my post?"

Don't make a post on your blog just to keep your blog updated. Post something that makes an impact in your readers life and business.
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