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Default AdWords advertisers can now exclude 500 sites

Google AdWords has now made a change. It is now possible for AdWords advertisers to exclude 500 AdSense sites with their site exclusion tool. The previous limit was just 25 sites.

It will be interesting to see if this will increase the revenue for quality content sites since it is likely that this will help to reduce the income for some of those made for AdSense sites.

25 sites probably wasn't enough for some AdWords advertisers. Now with the ability to exclude 500 sites this could be a great tool for those AdWords advertisers who really wished they could exclude more AdSense sites.

Here is what Google has to say about this:
In the spring, we launched the Site Exclusion tool to give you more control to determine where your ads will show on the content network. This tool allows you to prevent your ads from showing on specific sites in the content network in the same way that you can add negative keywords to stop your ads from showing for specific keyword searches.

Recently, we increased the number of sites that you can exclude using this tool to 500. This gives you the ability to further tailor your AdWords account to the needs of your business. Remember, excluding a site in the content network will prevent you from showing on all of the pages that fall under that site's domain. We suggest that you review these sites carefully before you decide to exclude them. After all, the content network allows you to reach a targeted audience across a broad range of sites, and we wouldn't want you to miss any customers!
Here is more about the site exclusion tool

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