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Arrow AdWords advertisers eliminating AdSense sites

Google has as new AdWords features that allows advertisers to eliminate specific sites from displaying their ads. This is a great feature. Naturally some AdSense publishers are going to see a drop in their revenue.

While I love Google and I love AdSense, I have long felt that Google makes it too easy for sites to get in by allowing a person to put the code on any site they own after getting just one of their sites approved. I feel Google should carefully review each site before allowing it to join the AdSense program and that they should have certain standards that need to be met before a site can join.

I have also been a very big critic of the made for AdSense sites, and there are many advertisers who feel the same way as I do. But not all feel this way.

While the AdSense publisher loves to get clicks that lead to revenue, the advertiser has the right to expect that a reasonable amount of those clicks will be productive for them as well.

There are a very large number of AdWords advertisers who have the content campaigns turned off because they don't want their ads displayed on AdSense publisher sites due to the poor quality and poor results from several AdSense sites.

But with this new feature many of these advertisers will now turn the feature back on and allow their ads to be featured on AdSense sites since they can now simply eliminate specific sites. They can keep the ones they are pleased with and eliminate ones they don't like. So while this might hurt some AdSense sites, it will help others.

However, Google could still make things much easier for the advertisers by not having it so easy for publishers to get their sites included in the AdSense program.
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