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Default AdSense BIG money publishers

Google began using FedEx to send checks to publishers when the amount of their AdSense check was $10,000 or more. These publishers were sometimes called members of the FedEx Club.

Recently Google changed to UPS to send the AdSense checks for earnings over $10,000 and many of these publishers consider themselves to be in the UPS Club.

Some people don't make enough to get an AdSense check every month, so I don't want to include them in my question. I'm only talking about people who get a check every month from Google for AdSense earnings.

Google isn't talking so there really is no way to know for sure. All a person can do is guess. So, here is my question:
What percentage of the people receiving a monthly check from Google for AdSense earnings would you guess receive a check for $10,000 or more?

Obviously it would only be a guess. I am guessing the percentage might be higher than one would think. My guess, and it is nothing more than a guess is 5%. What is your guess?
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