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Originally Posted by GFBSW View Post
Well since posting I have just received one of those windows looking popups asking if I want to do what they just did to me and if I do to click here for adcaster. What will block them? Could they be who got in my computer?
Adware means a program that displays advertisements on your computer; and I don't mean the usual advertisements you see on web pages that you visit: adware pop-up advertising windows (or in some cases, say some voice message) on your system are not generated by the websites you happen to visit.
Keyloggers record the keystrokes you type on your computer (some are more sophisticated in capturing screen shots, etc), and either log them or report them to the person who installed them.

You'd better download one anti-spyware/virus software to protect your data on your computer. Do you need any website of it, I can give you some
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