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Hi Allison,

Firstly, given the sensitive nature of this topic and the risk of this information being misused, please note that this topic may be closed at any time. Members are advised not to add specific details to this thread that may be used by uninformed or unethical readers to take advantage of others.

Speaking in very general and oblique terms, though, you've hit a couple of the most common abuse techniques on the head. Others techniques that our members have spotted in the past involve user agent detection, spoofing, running the same creatives through two different company accounts and toying with one while keeping the other 'legitimate', sneaking iframes or rogue active elements within a rich media creative, launching layers that cover other ads, switching remotely-hosted creatives back and forth frequently, etc, etc.

In all honesty, you won't receive a detailed spec list through a forum like this, due to its public and professional nature. You would be better off discussing this issue with a security consultant, at an invitation-only industry gathering, or through exchanging emails with fellow network operators. It is very important to keep on top of these trends, but there are more appropriate venues in which to do so.

Best of luck.

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