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Originally Posted by Steve_S
Your days are numbered!

Thoughts: A lot of these Spyware players were buying time hoping that either AG Spitzer and or US Federal Legislation would not happen very fast which means they have more time to infect and damage either directly or through their "Affiliates", all of whom belong in Federal Prison for at least 20 years BUT thats probably not going to happen since this case is not a criminal matter.

EDIT: Remember this action is on a State level and that means Illinois. With 51 states left to sue them, I can hardly wait. Imagine having to defend yourself in EVERY STATE in the USA. Am I dreaming? I think NOT. Direct Revenue has another suit against it in the fine state of California. See:

Guss what!

You loose !!!
Nice find DUDE!

Like I said in my previous post...

An interesting sliver from your posted aticle link:

"Spitzer's lawsuit filed in Manhattan also names Direct Revenue's former CEO, Josh Abram. Spitzer said Abram told a distributor in an e-mail that "we have a very stealthy version of our adware product which we 're happy to give u . . . Don't worry. If we do a deal * a build together * these will not be caught."

Thoughts: Even FORMER infectors can land up in a legal mess over their previous Spyware distribution. AND, the smoking gun which means the email this geek sent.

I'm having a great day!
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