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The first time something original is done, it's celebrated. Unless a unique spin is put on the system the next time around, it's not going to attract as much attention for the seller or the buyer, so the value won't compare.

There were loads of advertising gimmicks that sprung up during the late nineties, including advertising in public urinals or on A-grade boxers' back sides, naming babies after brand names, changing the names of towns to .com addresses, wrapping cars and giving them away for free, receiving sponsorship money for staying at home for a year and ordering all supplies through the internet, etc, etc. Much of the time, advertisers paid premium prices to be a part of the practice in order to ride the wave of public interest. If any of those techniques were promoted again, though, I'd be willing to wager that a very low percentage of the first-round advertisers would consider renewing their placement.

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