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Default Forehead advertising guy is returning

This subject came up last year and was covered some in this thread which provides some interesting reading

So there is this guy making a small fortune selling one million pixels. He made a lot more than Andrew Fischer did. Andrew is also known as the "Forehead Guy."

Andrew Fischer came up with his idea earlier than "The Pixels Guy." Fischer said he ended up making more than $50,000 last year selling advertising space on his forehead.

Andrew Fischer got a lot of attention because he was first with the idea. He was featured on several national television shows.

Just as was the case with Alex Tew and his pixels, others also tried selling advertising space on their forehead but with much less success than Andrew Fischer, who was the originator - and that's the way it should be.

The "Forehead Guy" is back and plans to start an auction tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10, 2006) for advertising space on his forehead that he will wear for 30 days.

Once again he is getting attention in the news media which means that his forehead advertiser will also get a lot of coverage. While it remains to be seen, it is thought that he will make more money this year than he did last year.

Andrew Fischer is on to something. Wear an advertising tatoo on your forehead for 30 days a year and make $50,000 or more each year. But how long can he keep this up? How long will the novelty last?

This year Andrew isn't just depending on his forehead. He also has a web site about selling advertising on his forehead and people can purchase ad space to be shown on his site. His site also has Ads by Yahoo. This time around he is going to make some good money with a site, possibly even more than off his forehead.

But people like Andrew Fischer and Alex Tew deserve a lot of credit for doing something different and being successful.

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