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Lately I have been contacted by companies wanting to do advertising trades with my website. The first was a magazine with a readership of near 120,000. They gave me a 1/4 page ad and they got 250,000 banner impressions over the course of a month on my site. I thought it was a great deal on my part, but was informed by a ad buyer from one of the ad companies i got cheated. She said of the 120,000 mags printed, statistics show only 40% of magazines are ever opened. So that takes me down to 48,000 readers for my 250,000 adviews. Then she said page placement in print mags is key as only 60% of readers make it beyond page 20. I'm on page 36 of 122. So now 29,000 people see it. Most people who see it won't even look at it, let alone remember it. She said to figure about 2,000 people will actually cometo my site from the ad.
The banner they are running on my site is averaging the 2.8% CTR. If it keeps that up, they get 7,000 people to their site.

Was it a fair trade? I am still happy with the trade, but how do you go about trades like this? I also have a radio station wanting to trade radio ads for banner ads. They said they'll have a jock do a 30 - 45 sec mention of my site since I have no radio ad. They are asking for 500,000 banners. I look at it as building a good base and reaching a new group of people I might not have reached via online ads, but still want to get as much as I can.
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