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Pagerank means bugger all in terms of website value. As has already been suggested here, it's just one quantitative measure of apparent relevancy, but one that can not only be manipulated, but which plays only a moderate role in determining search engine ranking.

NET-ADS had a PR of 8 for about six straight months. It has since slipped back to 5 due to algo changes and the like, with absolutely no effect on the site's traffic. In fact, it's SERP ranking on several high-value keywords has improved since the dramatic drop in PR.

I, too, have no objection to someone buying a site because of its PR. There are people who buy cars because of their handy drink holder. It's just that the many comments here claiming that sites that have PRs in advance of 7 are somehow immediately and conclusively valuable, regardless of their content and position in the market, seem a little off-base.

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