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Hi fello

Welcome to the "Village" and best of luck

I hope you don't mind a few thoughts about your offer. Designed to help you and our members.

Buying a site of any flavor using PR as the primary criteria as per your post is not recomended. Why?

PR is but one of many considerations in rankings with G
PR often goes down and up so you have no guarantees for a given number
PR can be manipulated using procedures that G does not like and this sometimes results in no PR
PR should always be viewed as a relatively minor consideration and a natural result of many other more important factors
Talk on other Forums and here indicates that G either has or will recalculate the PR after a site changes hands and they already have the Whois data which they will and have fetched

NOTE: search our Forums and you will see quite a few threads on PageRank and such.

Having said this perhaps you can be a bit more specific:

What types of Mainstream sites (no porn here please
Traffic levels
Income levels

Good luck and HTH

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