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Earlier I mentioned that a person should always check with Google if they aren't sure about something. I should add that you should save the answer that Google sends you. That is very important.

There have been times I've contacted Google involving AdSense and received answers that didn't sound right, so I've contacted them again and in some cases as many as three times just to make it obvious that I wanted to be positive and to make every possible effort to get the correct answer.

There have been times I've received different answers from different members of the Google AdSense team and had to contact them again to determine which answer was correct.

It is possible to contact them only once and the AdSense team member who sends an answer happens to send an answer that is not correct. You then go ahead based upon the incorrect information that you were given but didn't know it was not correct. Therefore it is very important to always keep the answers that Google sends to you.
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