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Originally posted by JohnKelly
I suspect most most have seen this coming and have prepared accordingly but if anyone is aware of any offers being made by other ad networks specifically to Engage publishers, please post. Thanks!
Got this from Burst today, which I guess relates to Engage shutting down:
Dear Publisher,

With the recent closing and consolidation of some well-known ad networks, we just want to reassure you that BURST! Media remains committed to the online media space.

We remain convinced that the online ad market has a very bright future and BURST! will emerge as an even stronger player. October 2001 marks the beginning of our seventh year representing the interests of specialty content publishers and it is our firm belief that our best years are still ahead.

BURST! continues to accept new sites that represent quality specialty content and will gladly accept your referrals and publishers from defunct networks. For our current publishers who have inventory allocated to companies leaving the media business, we encourage you to allocate more inventory to BURST!. The larger our network, the greater leverage we have in the marketplace

Thank you for your continued support.
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