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Unhappy domain renewals

In their infinite wisdom, they have deigned that if you don't tell them that you don't want to renew the domain, they'll do it for you with the CC info you gave them one year earlier.

Of course you have to tell them for each domain you have through them.

It's time to renew your domain name(s)!

As a valued customer, we don't want you to miss out
on renewing the following domain name(s), which are due to expire
on JAN 26, 2001. Click on the link(s) below or
copy/paste the appropriate link (which may be broken into two
lines) into the Address or Location field of your Web browser
for each domain name you would like to renew*:

************************************************** ************
Expiration Date: JAN 26, 2001

Domain:, Quick Renew Link:******

************************************************** ************

*Note: Please keep in mind that you must renew each domain name
individually. If you choose not to renew your domain name(s)
by JAN 26, 2001, the domain name will become
available to the public for registration.

For more information on renewing your domain name through, please visit:

To contact a Customer Support representative online, please visit:

Or call: Toll free in the U.S. and Canada: (800) 899-9723
Outside the U.S. and Canada: +1 (212) 798-9216

All domain name registrations and renewals are subject to the terms
and conditions of our Services Agreement, which can be found at:

Thank you for using, the first step on the Web.

Customer Support Inc.

- Copy and Pasting Instructions -

Highlight the URL with your cursor. Once you have highlighted the
URL, hit CTRL + C (for Mac "Open Apple" + C) to copy the
highlighted area.

Open an Internet browser window and click in the Address or
Location field. Hit CTRL + V (for Mac "Open Apple" + V) to paste
the URL into the address field. If necessary, repeat this
process with the second line of the URL. Please be sure to delete
spaces if there are any embedded in the URL - otherwise you will
not be able to connect to the proper page.

Once you have entered and looked over the URL, hit the 'Enter' or
'Return' key on your keyboard. The Web page displayed will allow
you to renew your domain name(s).
By the way, I won't be renewing it (catchy as it is), so if one of you guys wants it...

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