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Exclamation WebShots Update

Maybe WebShots isn't dead after all. Here's a letter they apparently sent out. I didn't get it, but I read it on my account page. If you're using WebShots and haven't already taken the links and banners from your site, you should probably go ahead and do so until (hopefully) they get back on track next month. Clicks aren't being counted.


Dear Cashclub member,

As I am sure you are aware, Excite@Home (the parent company of Webshots) is currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Here is the summary of the current situation.

Webshots is in the process of being divested into an independent company. The management of this new company will most likely include myself and two other original founders of Webshots. We have personally been running Webshots since 1995, and we plan to continue running it for the foreseeable future.

First the bad news.

Despite our best efforts to get Excite@Home to settle your Cashclub payments as part of the divestiture, they have not agreed. They originally indicated they would pay these balances, and we reported this in our last communication to you. At that time, we had full confidence that Excite@Home would follow through on their payment plan.

Unfortunately, they have changed their mind.

As such, your balances are being treated like any other debt of Excite@Home. If you have balances due over $50, you should be receiving your claim forms in the mail soon. If you have not received them by November 30th, please contact and we will mail the forms again. Any balances less than $50 will, unfortunately, not be paid.

And now the good news! (yes, there is some good news....)

As part of the new Webshots Corporation, we intend to continue operating the Webshots Cash Club marketing program long into the future. And since we will be operating as a small company again, your payments will be delivered promptly after the close of each cycle.

We expect the sale to close around December 20th. Shortly after close, the Cashclub will be right back on track operating as normal and you can look forward to regular payments. We understand that you may need to take your promotional links down in the interim period, but please be ready to put them right back up in mid December if you don't want to miss out on any income.

I want to personally apologize for the difficulties these past few months, and I look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship between you and the new Webshots Corporation in mid December.

NOTE: Your account will stay accessible throughout this period, although no clicks will be counted beginning tonight, 11/16. Your amount balance has been adjusted to reflect your entire past due amount from Excite@Home (including amounts due prior to the bankruptcy filing). Click counting will begin again shortly after the sale is complete in December.


Andrew Laakmann
Director, Webshots
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