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Arrow For Sale: Virtual Assistant Business & Offering

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Your name: James Dreesen

Your email address:

URL of the site:

Age of site: 01/25/10

Traffic statistics (PageViews & Uniques ONLY): 0 & 0 (Newly Established)

Source of traffic: SE, Marketplaces Asking price: $270.00 USD Gross and net revenue per month (Total): 600+ The specific source of your revenue (Names/Details for each. DO NOT post your Google AdSense data):,, Etc., Etc.

Copyright status of the content on the site: Unique

Any other pertinent data:
Make An Extra $600+ Per Week Interning As A Virtual Assistant… stay at home, carry a phone, and check you email!

We have DISCOVERED a HUGE UNTAPPED CLIENT BASE... in the Virtual Assistant Industry! You won't get rich… but you can intern from home, have more free hours to go out with friends, and be your own boss. Your bidding on the domain name, or I will install this on any domain of your choice.

One of the most successful ways of making a living online is by becoming 'my style' of a Virtual Assistant. For individuals out there that are ambitious, you will find that its a very lucrative and stress free way of making living or simply fulfilling your internship. The problem all VA's are having is simple - they find it hard to find good clients that need a full time assistant. That is why your buying into 'my style' and theory of being virtual assistant. What you are buying is a specialized web presence that is going to enable you to not only manage your business of being a VA, but also take advantage of my unique business model that allows you to be SUPER COMPETITIVE in the marketplace and make money in a manner that other Virtual Assistants are not taking advantage of. I have found a formula that puts virtual assistants in HIGH DEMAND and this means you can make a substantial amount of money doing very little work. Best of all - I show you how to get the clients.
Here is how it works... once you join my network I will make you into a virtual assistant…

I have designed and developed a Virtual Assistant website that will secure you the clients you need with my unique approach to the business. Purchase this website from me and you will receive everything you need to get started, including training materials, web presence, and support -- but also my unique strategy for closing clients on your service. Let me show you part of my 'secret' formula...

For more information the video here:

Other Listings:
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