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Unhappy Contentzone not serving banners, not updating stats.

Since a few days ago, contentzone has only been serving one banner - a "buy recycled" public service announcement - and stats have not been updating. It's not that they display no impressions, they don't update at all. A search on altavista for "link:ad.contentzone" reveals that this is not a problem unique to my site, but it happening on every single contentzone site. Alright, it seems they're having problems. But does this mean members won't get paid for these days? Are they still keeping track of impressions somewhere, and will they pay the usual amount, or am I serving a bunch of stupid banners for free? I will be extremely upset if I get cheated out of days worth of money. Contentzone are the only people who have accepted me, and I rely on their revenue to pay for my server.

Edit: I've already emailed them about this, and they didn't reply. I'm posting here to see if anyone knows if this has happened before, and what their policy about it is. They really should have sent out a mailing about this problem or something...

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