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Well, I certainly look in here every day or so... and post fairly often, as you may have noticed.

One thing that has really disturbed me recently is the trend by many people (NOT everyone!) to promote money-making activities over the rule of law i.e. if something makes money it's ok (even if the activity requires breaking copyright, trademark or other laws to carry out).

This has definitely been an increasing trend and I don't know whether it's due to the ever-declining ad market (and hence a sense of desperation setting in) or whether it's a widening of the webmaster base to include many more people with what to me are questionable ethics.

I believe the trend I've outlined above is at least partly behind why many "regulars" may no longer be posting as much - they're tired of people running sites based on copyright infringement (for example) asking how they can make more money - frankly, they shouldn't be making ANY money! It tires me out too... especially when I see 10 people wading into a thread and all restating the same legally incorrect perspective.

I think also the general doom and gloom ad market is a large factor - when times were good, it made sense to exchange tips on how to maximize one's paycheck... but with things so grim, many webmasters can't be bothered to optimize between $0.20 and $0.22 CPM since the difference is a few dollars a month - not to mention that those who are still doing "OK" are likely to be more leery about revealing their methods and tactics.
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