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There's one thing to consider when you're replacing Amazon with another program. Consumers know and trust Amazon and are more likely to buy there than at some site they've never heard of. I've been around the internet for a long time and think that most of the security worries are way overhyped but I'm still MUCH more likely to by a product from Amazon than some site I've never heard of.

If I visit your site and you're promoting a DVD that sounds really interesting and I click on it and it takes me to Joe's DVD Shack, I'm going to type in on my own and see if they have it too and at a similar price. Joe's DVD Shack would have to have it either MUCH cheaper or Amazon to not have it for me to buy it there. Joe's may pay 10% commission but you made $0 from me where you could have made money if it were an Amazon link.
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