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Originally posted by cybertrash
i have gotten checks with 1100 dollars from and i am using netpal on my other site which i got a check for 5500 dollars from. imdoll gets an average of 9000 uniques a day. i have already earned about 6000 dollars with paypopup but haven't put netpal on it yet because i am selling it.
You are displaying popupsponsor (against their terms I might add) on that site, and not

Originally posted by cybertrash
i am sorry i forgot to include the 468x60 ad from google ad sense. i made 1400 dollars from them last month. with about 50 dollars a day.
I see no adsense on that site or your other icon site(s). NetPal = No AdSense btw, which I'm sure you already discovered.

Speaking of your other sites, I'm sure all your links to customiconz will remain once you sell the site, correct? I'd hate see the purchaser of the site see 45% of his traffic disapear if those links get removed.
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