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The other posting about FastClick popunders contains some information about CMG Enterprise. I believe that people should investigate them further before committing. Although I haven't researched them enough, it appears as though:

1) They may be using AdButler to rotate their ads. I make this statement based on a poster who is using them, and his code reads:

<!-- Begin CMG's AdButler Code -->

I looked at the HTTP requests of the code on his site. Here was the first request:;ID=126995;

It then made this request:;
3don%3bloc%3d0%3btype%3diframe;/377834 HTTP/1.0

Which shows that CMG is simply pulling banners from an Engage account called Scholarship News. They have a site here:

Same Engage adcode. They may even be violating Engage's TOS -- I see 2 different Engage CPM ads on that page.

Check it out yourself. Here's the adcode that was given to that other site. Go to this IFRAME:;ID=126995;size=468x60;setID=42941;aff=on;loc=0;ty pe=iframe

View the source, and you'll see Engage code for Scholarship News.

I don't believe that Engage allows you to resell like that, and I bet they don't allow you to transfer an existing adcode to another site (or network of sites).

Even if they did, using an ad company that is just reselling another network seems dangerous -- for example, what if Engage throws them out for a TOS violation? They don't get paid, which means you don't get paid. And given Engage's questionable future, I'd be even more wary.

I guess I'm saying, investigage this company a bit more. They don't seem to professional -- it would be like me starting a "network", and distribuing my Engage adcode to other sites and promising to pay them based on that.

Oh, they also show popups/popunders. I guess the Scholarship News account doesn't have those types of ads blocked.

For all I know Scholarship News may have an agreement with Engage, but there's no way to know for sure, and I kind of doubt it because they're going under Scholarship News, not "CMG Enterprise Ad Network". Personally, I'd like to know how they get no defaults from Engage -- I get 90% defaults. If it's CTR based, do you think that the CTR of dozens of subsites can be so high that Engage doesn't serve them defaults?

Oh, it seems they use other Engage accounts too -- I got code for PollitcomFreeWebPolls. I also saw a redirect for this Sonar account:

GET;sz=468x60;num=123456? HTTP/1.0

The site is clearly run by the same organization -- they have the Engage Scholarship News code on that site.

Does anyone have any idea how this site can get basically no defaults from Engage? I refreshed their code a number of times and all I saw were paying ads -- either from Engage or Sonar on rare occasion. Why is it that my site gets 90% defaults from Engage? CTR can't possibly explain the difference, because I haven't heard of anyone getting nearly 100% paid from Engage. All I saw were Capital One, Colonize,, etc. -- at least 50+ in a row. If you view my adcode for 50 times in a row you get a default after 1-2 viewings.

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