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Although, as we've heard, the deal is dead in the water at the moment, I still thought some of you may enjoy eWeek's latest editorial commentary about the deal, which raises some of the ethical concerns that ultimately helped to shelve the deal on public relations grounds:,1759,1833649,00.asp

One of the talkback comments reminded me that this isn't necessarily new territory for Microsoft. Somehow, I completely forgot about the furor that erupted in relation to MSFT's "Smart Tags" Internet Explorer feature back in 2001. Those who were around in those days may recall that Smart Tags bore some operational similarities to Gator's products at the time, by highlighting terms on web pages without the author's permission and offering to redirect viewers to contextually-related, off-site resources. The system drew enough negative publicity (and, ironically, scathing comparisons to Gator) to force the Redmond giant into submission on the issue. I guess that this latest alignment of the two companies, although more formal, is somewhat a case of history repeating.

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