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I gotta jump on the bandwagon of people who think this is just a publicity stunt. I company that makes click fraud software suing because of click fraud?

Also, if they saw 38% of their clicks were fraudulant clicks then why in gods name did they keep using them till they racked up over $5 million?

Anyhow the 38% number comes from the "Department of useless statistics pulled out of their butt"

There is no possible way to even come up with a realistic number. I can't even count the number of times over the last year or so when I've been on a webpage, saw a adsense ad that peaked my interest clicked on it and got to a page that wasn't even close to what I was expecting to get, and then leave the site after a 2 second visit. To a log watcher that would look like a fraud click, but in reality is was just poor marketing on their part.

But it all comes down to a PR stunt. A few days ago myself and probably a vast majority of people had never heard of them. Now with all the posts on message boards, and links on blogs and webmaster type websites they have become a house hold name to advertisers and publishers. So all in all, I guess it worked
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