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I guess this is not an easy question and it doesnít have an easy answer. To start off personally I believe that companies which steal personal information, track uniquely identifying information without permission, etc.. are the ones which are really spyware. As of right now industry still has a lot of confusion regarding the true definition of spyware, adware, etc.. which only adds to the problem. In the case of gator they were never stealing any personal information, etc.. however I do admit that before they did engage in questionable practices, but please note questionable is not necessary illegal! However times pass and things change and gator did change for the good, in fact if all legal according to current law adware companies would change in the way gator did we would now have much better and pleasant internet! After talking to gator now claria guys at conferences and over the phone and personally witnessing their transformation from the outside I personally believe they are 100 % not spyware but legitimate adware provider! We can have a long discussion about adware if its good or bad but I donít think this is the point of this thread! Companies such as claria and whenu are leading the adware revolution on the internet which for them by the way means giving up some of their revenue, if anything I think they should be encouraged and rewarded for taking a charge rather then remaining the way they used to be since a lot of their former practices are still considering legal and so dropping these practices is pure good will decision on their part, comments are welcomed : )
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