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Czar, I agree with the points you made.

Whether it deserves it or not, Microsoft is seen as being bad by a lot of people. Many people hate Microsoft. They have been doing things to improve their image, but still a lot of people just plain hate them.

Just the fact that they would even consider buying Claria (Gator) is going to reflect very badly upon them. It will give Microsoft's critics even more ammunition, as well as put a dent in any progress they might have been making at making themselves look better.

Steve Ballmer, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, recently said that Google was a "one-hit wonder" and that Google might disappear within the next five years. Both statements are probably wishful thinking.

Whether it deserves it or not, Google is seen as being good by a lot of people. That "do no evil" motto has stuck in the minds of a great many people. Even when Google does something that might be seen as bad by some, it doesn't really hurt their image very much due to the positive long-term view so many have of Google.

Microsoft is going to be doing battle against Google in more and more areas as time passes. They can't afford to look like the bad guy while Google looks like the good guy.

If Microsoft goes ahead and makes this purchase it could likely be a big serious wound to their body. As it stands right now it looks as if they have already shot themselves in the foot by even considering such a purchase.

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