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The E-Babylon deal seems a little uncharacteristic for ValueClick, but the WebClients/ purchase is clearly a pretty safe bet for the company.

WebClients has operated relatively quietly for a number of years, but has an advantage over some other affiliate networks in the same league in that they often maintain higher margins by promoting their clients' products directly through WebClients-owned websites, as well as through a solid and loyal indie web publishing base. The company has also done a reasonable job in brokering campaigns down through third-tier affiliate networks in the past, which provides them labour-based cost savings.

I have no idea what the company's books might have looked like at the time of the purchase but if, as RevenuePilotRep suggests, the valuation was high, then hearty congratulations are definitely in order for the founders of WebClients, for not only helping to pioneer the affiliate space, but for exiting on a high note.

If ValueClick decides to keep the service operating under its existing brand and technological platform, hopefully the change of ownership will, at least, see the company start to provide affiliate payouts in local currencies, just as does. *fingers crossed*

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